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Handmade Art

Get the Truly handmade Portrait Painting from Rajan Maaluja Art, he is best sketch artist in Delhi.

Customized Order

Get a customized Portrait Paitning of any reference picture at affordable price, accepting confidential also.

Realistic Art

Dive into the ocean of Realism art with perfect perportions, details and soul of reference picture.

Charcoal Shading Sketch

Portrait Painting

Color Pencil Sketch

Couple Portrait Painting

Wall Art Graffiti

Fiber / Stone Sculptures in Delhi

Tanjore Painting

Oil Painting

Acrylic Painting

Fiber / Stone Sculptures in Delhi


Painting On Furniture

About Rajan Maaluja Art

Rajan Maaluja is a new and emerging artist who specializes in creating beautiful paintings. It is the beauty of a woman which has inspired his art. His paintings have always captured the stunning essence of men, women, and nature. He always focuses on the transparency of the painting, the beautiful light and of course exceptional variations of colors. His beautiful paintings have been sold all around India and they have also been exhibited in the topmost galleries.
Rajan Maaluja got interested in drawing and painting from 5th grade itself. As a child, he loved making paintings of Hindu Deities, mainly Lord Krishna & Lord Ganapati. His attraction towards fine arts kept increasing as he kept climbing the ladder of his school education. Soon he realised that destiny has chosen for him Fine Arts as his career. So after his schooling, he joined Rajasthan School of Arts Jaipur, for 4-year degree course.
– In his words, “I have been a professional since the time he came in the industry, but it was my hard work, determination and passion to do things differently which made me what I am now. It was my own interest which took me to the painting school, art college and into the world of art in all its forms- whether it is a fairy tale or romantic fiction or educational.
To know more about my paintings, you can have a word with me. Feel free to drop a message.


He is amazing artist and very lovable guy.. I am happy with my ordered.. my best wishes for him
Vishal Soni
Coolest sketch I’ve ever seen… Perfect details with perfect expressions is maintained in the sketch… . It’s my personal opinion to just give him a try!! . *From my side it’s 10/10 for this sketch*
Priyankshi Soni

He is amazing artist and very lovable guy.. I am happy with my ordered.. my best wishes for him

Akash Bhatnagar

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