Rajan Maaluja Arts


Rajan Maaluja is an exponent of fine arts and a painter of international repute. He has conducted exhibitions and shows of his paintings in India and all over the world, mainly U. S. A., U. K., France, Germany & Italy. He has mastered various fields of fine arts such as portrait painting, oil painting, abstract painting, charcoal painting, tanjore painting and contemporary art. He has formed a group of budding artists called RAJAN MAALUJA ARTS . This group is rendering a great service in promoting all types of fine art.


Rajan Maaluja got interested in drawing and painting from 5th grade itself. As a child he loved making paintings of Hindu Deities, mainly Lord Krishna & Lord Ganapati. His attraction towards fine arts kept increasing as he kept climbing the ladder of his school education. Soon he realised that destiny has chosen for him Fine Arts as his career. So after his schooling he joined Rajasthan School of Arts Jaipur, for 4 year degree course.


After passing his degree course, Bachelor in Fine Arts in First Division and First Position, he started teaching the art of drawing & painting to children as well as elders.He encouraged and sponsored his pupils to take part in various painting competitions where they won many awards and recognition.
In the year 2015 he formed a group consisting mainly of his trainees known as RAJAN MAALUJA ARTS. They have mastery over contemporary Arts & portrait paintings ( oil, water, pencil, charcoal etc.) Some of the Fine Arts works produced by this group are unmatched and unparalleled in excellence even today.


Rajan Maaluja is a very religious man. He is very much into spiritualism and devotes his free time in meditation. He loves visiting temples and religious places all over the world. His favourites are ISKON & VRINDAVAN temples. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and follows his teachings as inscribed and explained in Bhagwad Gita.
He loves to balance his life so in his free time he enjoys seeing movies, travel, & shopping. He also has a passion to make outstanding, eye catching and exclusive class of painting whenever he has free time.


From the childhood itself Rajan Maaluja has been winning First Prizes in various painting competitions. In school in all his classes he was No. 1 in drawing & painting. In college also he was recognized as undisputed No. 1 fine art student.
His best and biggest awards have been the appreciation, praise and admiration of his artistic work and talent from every & each of his clients. The quality of his work is responsible for his clients addiction to visit RAJAN MAALUJA ARTS. again and again.

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